stute.x1A Kit PRO2
  • stute.x1A Kit PRO2

stute.x1A Kit PRO2


Measurement: Driver - Speaker Cabinet - Crossover - Amplifier - HiFi Network Player - Bluetooth Equipment - MP 3 Player





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Kit PRO2 includes

  • Software stute.x1A Analyzer
  • USB 192kHz audio interface with XLR microphone inputs and microphone phantom power supply
  • Calibrated measurement microphone (ASCII file download)
  • Microphone cable 10m
  • stute.x1S interface (construction kit): case, panels, components, schematic, bill of material. Easy assembling!
  • Cable "x1S" USB audio interface, 3m length
  • Cable 2x 4mm Banana Plug to Crocodile Alligator Clip